" Selina Alko is amongst the most visually eloquent promoters of junior-sized urbanism ."

            STARRED REVIEW Publisher's Weekly -- B is for BROOKLYN 


        I is for IMMIGRANTS 



Selected for the Fall 2020 edition of the Best Books for Kids & Teens!

- The Canadian Children's Book Center







JONI: The Lyrical Life of Joni Mitchell

 "By including both the tangible and the intangible, Alko reinforces the idea that the U.S. is more than just a conglomeration of cultures; it’s a quilt of shared values." 
STAR -- Kirkus

"A beautifully illustrated book that uses the alphabet to weave together different cultural elements of society."

* STAR -- School Library Journal 

“Colors burst across each page, with layers of collage-work emphasizing the richness of Mitchell’s influences and imagination." 

* STAR -- Booklist

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